About Us

Established in 1998. We are now starting our twentieth year of producing original artisan British made clothing and accessories.

Our Handmade Clothing and Accessory collections are all Designed and totally Manufactured in Britain. 

When we started out in 1998 with our first small collection. Our aim was to produce classic effortless hard-wearing and stylish trusty wardrobe favourites. 
Clothes that you live in!. Quality that remains with you for year’s. Not just for one season or a couple of washes!

Sourcing only the highest grade of threads we knit and dye our own highly original fabrics.
Using some age old processes and recipes to our own unique specifications.
Our own highly skilled crafts people have many years of experience and enthusiasm to produce products which are both strikingly individual and beautifully luxurious.

In the pursuit of this excellence and being true to being wholly made in Britain we have learned that it may be less profitable but it is certainly more satisfying.
So please enjoy! the fruits of our labour.

Love The Urchins