Size Guides


  • SLINKY = SIZE 8 / XS Bust 33in / 84cm
  • SLIM = 10-12 / S 35in /89cm
  • FIT = 12-14 M 37.5in / 96cm
  • CURVY = 14-16 L 40.5in / 103cm
  • VOLUPTUOUS = 16-18 XL 42.5in 108cm
  • RUBENESQUE = 18-20 XXL 44.5in 113cm


  • SLIM = 38-40 inches / 97-101cm
  • FIT = 42-44 inches / 107-112cm
  • FB = 44-46 inches / 112 – 117cm
  • BFB = 48-50 inches / 122 – 127cm
  • BBFB = 52 -54 inches / 132 – 137cm


PLEASE NOTE – UNISEX garments are sized as gents(Have Gents labels) – for example:New Sweatshirts 
  • SKINNY = 37in / 94cm
  • SLIM = 40in / 101cm
  • FIT = 43 in / 109cm
  • FB = 46in / 117cm
  • BFB = 49in /124cm

Little Urchins-(Produced on request only)

As all this has come about by request because everything washes so well and doesn’t shrink, we had lots of requests for mini me versions because the kids stuff is always in the wash. As this is all a bit new to us we have done some initial sizes and see how we go.
  • Tiny Urch = 25in / 64cm
  • Little Little Urch = 28in / 71cm
  • Little Urch = 31in / 78cm
  • Big McUrchin = 34in / 86cm
  • Whopper McUrchin = 37in / 94cm


We know how difficult it is because at times some brands are plain cheating by putting size labels in that do not correspond to the actual garment. (Then there is the mystery sizing 1,2,3 or 4 brigade from the far east)

Basically we try to give you as much info without over doing it. There are variations between garment styles. You Boys are never big enough! and you ladies are always too big!.(Why Weight Watches have made so much money)

SERIOUSLY - If your not sure sure what size you are – Just ask us! Give us a call or email us we will always help.

ALSO NOTE – We will try to give guide measurements in the general descriptions for garments ie; body or sleeve length etc..

How to measure

  • Chest/Bust : Measure around the fullest part of chest
  • Waist : Measure the natural waistline just above your hips
  • Hips : Measure along the fullest part of hips/seat
  • Arm : Measure from centre of the back of the neck down the arm to the wrist
  • Body length : Measure from base centre of neck to the hip

Dirty Urchin Washing Instructions

  • To achieve best results wash all garments on 30 degrees
  • Try to avoid the tumble dryer if you love your clothes
  • If you get any stains / marks coffee’s our favourite and grease off the Van
  • Spray area with Vanish or grannies favourite gently rub a little fairy liquid into both sides of area. Leave for a few minutes then normal wash
PLEASE NOTE – our special super soft knit cotton loves to be treated like wool or a delicate’s on your machine.
  • Almost all our colours are Organic or pigment dye finishes
  • It means great colours but a little more care is needed
  • White or light coloured tee shirts / underwear are not keen to meet on the first date. Before first wash or when wet