Size Chart


SLINKY                       Size 8                 XS  Bust 33 inches / 84 cm

SLIM                           Size 10                S    Bust 35 inches /89 cm

FIT                              Size 12                M   Bust 37.5 inches / 96 cm

CURVY                       Size 14                L    Bust 40.5 inches / 103 cm

VOLUPTUOUS          Size 16                XL  Bust 42.5 inches / 108 cm

RUBY                          Size 18 to 20     XXL Bust 44.5 inches / 113 cm


SLIM    Chest 38-40 inches / 97-101 cm

FIT        Chest 42-44 inches / 107-112 cm

FB        Chest 44-46 inches / 112 – 117 cm

BFB     Chest 48-50 inches / 122 – 127 cm

BBFB   Chest 52 -54 inches / 132 – 137 cm 


We know how difficult it can be. Some brands insist on putting size labels in that do not correspond to the actual garment. Then there is the mystery international sizing originating from the east 1,2,3 or 4.

There are variations between garment styles and cuts.  Basically we will try to give you as much info without over doing it. (Style of cut. shape and/or body, sleeve length etc..)

Help us to Help You.  Be Honest ! 

Garments that fit right will always take the weight off.

If you’re not sure what size you are? 

Either pop a tape measure around you and drop us a line.


 Please just ask! Give us call

How to measure

Chest/Bust : Measure around the fullest part of chest

Waist : Measure the natural waistline just above your hips

Hips : Measure along the fullest part of hips/seat

Arm : Measure from centre of the back of the neck down the arm to the wrist

Body length : Measure from base centre of neck to the hip

Little Urchins 

Because our stuff washes so well and lasts so long. We get lots of requests for mini me versions. Apologies for the moment we can only do so much.